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Managing Chronic Pain: The Safest Methods

Managing Chronic Pain: The Safest Methods

Pain medication and opioid addiction have become a major problem sweeping the country. But, if you’re living with chronic pain how can you continue to function without heavy medication?

Here we go over some methods on managing chronic pain without needing heavy narcotics all the time.

1. Deep Breathing and Meditation Practices Can Help

Relaxation is key when it comes to pain. This isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re having an episode.

That’s why you need to build up a deep breathing and meditation practice every day so that when you are having an attack, you’ll be able to have muscle memory of the practice. Then it can have a positive relaxing effect on your body and help lessen the pain.

2. Reduce The Stress in Your Life

Stress is a constant for many people in the modern world. But, stress can also intensify chronic pain like no other. The mental combination of stress, depression, and anxiety leads to intensified physical aching and worsening of your chronic pain symptoms.

Take a look at your life and see where you can make things easier on yourself to lessen your stress load and the burden it can take on your body.

3. Create An Exercise Routine and Stick With It

Exercise is a four-letter word to some people, but it’s the body’s natural way of releasing more endorphins.

Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that elevate mood and block pain signals. So, the more consistently you’re building endorphins the less your pain will be throughout your everyday life.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine, even if that just consists of walking, is great for your entire body and overall health as well as managing your pain.

4. Drinking Alcohol Makes Pain Worse

Alcohol is a poison so it dehydrates you, makes your sleep worse, and leaves you in an even worse state than before you drank. It also increases overall inflammation which elevates your chronic pain symptoms.

Drinking is also a horrible idea if you’re on any sort of pain medication because the combination can mean bad news.

5. Diet Effects Pain Levels

Choose a healthy whole foods diet rich in vegetables and fruits to have the best chance of being pain-free more often.

What we fuel our body with really matters especially when it comes to chronic conditions. The better the nutrition you’re ingesting the better you’ll feel and the more effective your body will be at dampening that pain and boosting your mood and immune system.

Chronic Pain Doesn’t Have to Mean You Need Heavy Narcotics

While medication can help with your pain, if it’s going to be an ongoing condition, it’s a good idea to find some non-chemical approaches to pain management.

By incorporating some of these techniques into your life you can reduce your dependence on narcotic pain relief and make your quality of life better in the process.

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