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How to Make Working from Home, Work For You

How to Make Working from Home, Work For You

With the recent push for more jobs to be remote, many people find themselves working from home and adjusting to this “new normal”. It is easy to fall into bad habits when you are only a few steps from the bed, the fridge, the television, and any other distractions that may be in your home.

However, by implementing an active and healthy structure into your work-from-home routine, it can make your home a more productive and healthy work environment than the office.

Plan Your Day

The most noticeable difference when switching from the daily office routine to a home office situation, is the lack of structure and schedule to the day. Any time that was previously spent on a work commute, a trip to the gym, getting ready, or preparing for the day is now time that can be spent in other ways. For some, this structure is what makes their day productive and keeps them in a rhythm. A solution? Plan your day!

Section the day into time blocks and designate a time for each of the tasks you need to complete. You can get as specific as you need with your schedule. By staying proactive with time management, some people even find they are less overwhelmed with their workload and overall more productive.

Bonus: Be sure to include 15-minute breaks throughout the day. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand by knowing you have already set aside a small break.

Get Ready For Your Day

Since there is no need to get dressed up for the office, it is easy to find yourself hanging out in pajamas all day. Whether it is intentional or not, hanging out in pajamas can cause even the most productive worker to be lazy and lethargic as they go about their work day. Combat this by getting up and getting ready for your day.

Not to say that you need to be strutting around the house in office attire, but changing into workout clothes or clothes to start your day can put you in the mindset of being productive. In some offices where they are utilizing video chat and online conferencing, showing up looking clean and presentable gives a good impression to the rest of the office that you are working hard. Brush your hair, wash your face, and start your day!

Bonus: Gym clothes or athleisure might even encourage you to stay active during the day while also remaining comfortable.

Reach for Healthier Snacks

One big upside to working from home, is the temptation of fast food is no longer a “convenient alternative” to making your own breakfast and packing your lunch. With the extra time in the morning, make yourself a healthy breakfast to start the day. Be sure to drink more water during the day to offset the desire to snack and resist getting dehydrated,

While you may be able to avoid breakroom junk food and office birthday parties, it can be hard to avoid the temptation of the fridge when it’s only a few steps away. Combat this by setting yourself up with healthy treats to reach for. Sugary snacks can leave you feeling lethargic. Put your junk food snacks away and out of reach to prevent indulgent snacking during the day.

Bonus: Cut up fruits and veggies to dip in peanut butter or hummus as a fun and easy snack if you do get hungry while you work.

Designate a Work Space

Working from your bed or even the couch might seem like the most comfortable options, but they can reduce your productivity. This will help set up a healthy work/home boundary and balance for your day. By associating places usually intended for relaxing with work, it can be hard to use them as a space to unwind when you aren’t working. For example, if you work in bed all day, when it is actually time to go to bed at night, you won’t sleep as restfully.

Bonus: If you are working from a laptop, it is important to maintain good posture. A table and chair can prevent any muscle strains caused from constantly looking down at your screen.

Stretch and Stay Active

It can be easy to spend the day lounging, but it is important to get up and stretch regularly throughout your day to avoid getting tense. It is important to stay active while working from home. Keep your energy up and your creativity juices flowing by incorporating movement and regular activity in your daily routine.

Stepping outside and getting some fresh air during the day is important. This can help if you experience any challenges like writer’s-block. A breath of fresh air and a short walk can be a quick reset to any feelings of stagnation.

Bonus: Use one of your 15-minute breaks to try a quick online yoga or pilates class. They often give you a good workout and can be done using the things in your house.

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